Trial Design

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Thinking Beyond the Traditional

Clinical research must be designed in a way that gets to the answer clearly, accurately, and efficiently. Today, that means rethinking conventional approaches and introducing pragmatic methods to help speed study implementation.

As an academic research organization, our researchers and operational teams have the independence to challenge the status quo and think beyond the traditional. Our experience makes our teams uniquely positioned to understand the operational, financial, and regulatory implications of trial project design, bringing expertise to their roles in project management, life sciences, chemistry, nursing, and public health.

The Power of Collective Expertise

From designing and planning to execution and publishing results, the DCRI excels at every facet required for an efficient and effective research project. Through a combination of scientific leadership, clinical research expertise, and operational know-how, the DCRI is exceptionally qualified to:

  • Provide expert support for clinical program development plans and FDA and international regulatory meetings.
  • Develop ideas and protocols for clinical research projects designed to be implemented in the current practice setting.
  • Act as principal investigators for DCRI projects, providing access to the resources and networks available within a large academic medical institution.

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